2017 Bodysurfing All-Americans!

September 4, 2017

El Segundo, CA. The Kai~Sports Cal-HI All-America Lists are posted for High School Age Bodysurfers. Check out the http://www.KaiSports.org website. Many new names and up & coming surfers with unique contributions to the sport! Congratulations!

2017 World Bodysurfing Championships

August 20, 2017

Oceanside, CA. The two-day multi-heat competition kicked off on a Saturday and finished on a Sunday, as is the norm. Last year featured the High School Age (17 & under) Boys, so this year’ll feature the Girls. Emerging from the early morning Preliminary Semi-Final Heats were Camryn Delaney, Madeline Giek, Kayla Rhoads, Kirra Robusto, Fiona Schmidt and Lauren Schmidt.  Camryn and Fiona were the Heat Winners, but Lauren and Kayla were close behind. Interesting to note: sisters Fiona and Lauren were Top-six Finalists the previous year, so the stage was set!

“We’re psyched and ready to go!” exclaimed the sisters during the pre-event photo session — “And we saw that we were All-America on the KAI~Sports website — and want to earn it again.” [B~note: by virtue of making Finals, they will — congratulations!]

International Surf Festival — Bodysurfing Competition

August 5, 2017

Manhattan Beach, CA. It was a glorious day at the North Side of the Pier for the annual ISF — Bodysurfing! As is per schedule, the Legends started the first heat of Prelims at 0645 hours. (I was in it.) But I’m not writing about myself, I’m writing about the Boys and Girls Heats of age 18u, that is the High School age competitors.

2016 Bodysurfing — High School Age Boys & Girls excel in Oceanside

August 22, 2016

The 40th Annual World Bodysurfing Championships were a success, much as the previous 39 editions, with ages 12 thru 65+ competing in various age groups, both men & women.

Preliminaries were held Saturday the 20th of August with the Semi-Finals and Finals on Sunday the 21st. This short blog focuses on the Men’s Age 15-17 competitors, i.e. Boys High School Age, an important input to the KAI~Sports Bodysurfing All-America list.

The 30 young men in the Prelims were whittled down to the top 12 for the Semis, featured earlier heat winners Jack McCloskey, Dylan Delaney and Jonathan Foster, along with last year’s finalists Wyatt Bates and Dylan Biggerstaff; rounding out the field was Graydon Church, Jake Keville, Sean Cunningham, Timothy McCauley, Tyler Sande, Nathan Swank and Augie Cunningham. (b~note: last year finalists Paul Grieumard and Jack Hayward failed to advance.)

The top three in each Semi, scoring tightly between 48 and 54 points, were McCloskey, Biggerstaff, Bates, Delaney, Sande, and (Augie) Cunningham — the tight scores of which would mean a promising Final!

In the first five minutes of the Final, the boys fought their way out through the surf, scoring small waves, but trying to get into position for the bigger and higher scoring wave chances.


Spectators on the Pier shout ‘outside’ as the bigger lines start to form…

Then, the middle five minutes provided the best waves of the heat.

Augie Cunningham was in perfect position in the first outside wave. “I felt good throughout the heat. I had made finals at the US Open Huntington Beach Bodysurfing  competition, so knew with a few good waves, would have a better chance of scoring high enough.” (b~note: although 6th in Huntington in the regular Bodysurfing, Augie won the prestigious Paipo Handboard event!)


Augie Cunningham grabs the first larger ‘outside’ wave.

According to Dylan Biggerstaff, “Augie was a little inside of me. I knew he would get that wave. I was out about 20 yards further, just aligned with Ruby’s Restaurant on the Pier. The outside waves were stacking up. I may have gotten the biggest wave of the day, so when I took off, I went for it. I caught a nice ‘chandelier section,’ let it cascade over me, then punched through it to continue inside as well, so I tried to make it the longest ride of the day as well.”


Dylan Biggerstaff slides into the ‘chandelier section’ of a wave.

Overall, great waves, great day! Congratulations to the heats of  Semi-Finals and Finals!


Bodysurfers Augie Cunningham and Dylan Biggerstaff.

For the complete results of the Worlds, click on this link:


Also, for complete listings of Bodysurfing All-Americans, click on:


(b~note: next seasons’ plan is to focus on Girls High School Age in a future blog.)



South Bay High School Surfing League Championships

February 23, 2013

Well, it’s still not happening. No SBSL High School Surfers. My wife, Shelley, went with me to photograph some great surfers in some great rides — but we quickly left the Hermosa Beach Pier for El Porto (North Manhattan Beach) as there was “no contest” at the first site. There was a super age group contest going on at the second site (with great waves) — sponsored by Body Glove, then Spyder, then Dive ‘n’ Surf, but no one knows when the HS Finals will be held… (I hope you’re not as disappointed as I was…)

South Bay High School Surfing League Championships

February 3, 2013

Very interesting. I showed up for the SBSL Championships yesterday morning at the Hermosa Pier — and it was not happening. A beautiful day, but flat surf. We’ll need to find out when it’s rescheduled for…

Hawai’i Surfing State Championships

May 1, 2012

The Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association (Hasa), also known as/a division of the Hawaii Surfing Association (HSA), had scheduled its annual State Surfing Championships for May 3-4-5-6, surf permitting, at Ala Moana Bowls, O’ahu — but due to a super swell the previous week, conducted the actual events on April 26-27-28. According to freelance writer Lance Arinaga, special to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the day after finals, “It was an action-packed day at the state surfing championships with lots of great rides…”

Since I was in town on the South Shore, I can attest to the great 4′ waves, with mild tradewinds — perfect conditions for all age groups. Congratulations to all the competitors!

Stay tuned for future blogs about high school-age surfers in California-Hawai’i. Belated news, in case you’re on the mainland and haven’t heard from late last fall, the Hawai’i High School Athletic Association (HHSAA) declared that Surfing will become an official high school sport in the Islands as another event on the State Championship slate. This is great news. Although it won’t materialize until 2013, there obviously will be changes to HSA’s Scholastic Surfing League (SSL), which has been active in the past with a majority of high schools participating as clubs, albeit many are varsity — and if not they will be soon!

A long-awaited step forward for the founding State of Surfing, HI.

PS, FYI: California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), the CA state sports governing body, does not yet recognize Surfing as a sport, but many high schools do, participating in nationals, regionals and leagues, and awarding school varsity letters. As Hawai’i improves and succeeds, we’ll likely see the CIF sections, especially CIF-SS and CIF-SDS, make value judgments regarding Surfing. For California, this may be tougher, since, as clubs, they do not follow the strict FALL or WINTER or SPRING rules; in fact, presently they cross over with training and dual meets in the FALL and championships in the WINTER.

PPS, Hawai’i: Since Surfing is year ’round, it’s obviously tough to pick what the official season is… the biggest parallel aquatic conflicts include Outrigger Canoe Paddling and Boys/Girls Swimming (WINTER), and Girls Water Polo (SPRING). Since Boys Water Polo (FALL) is not an official HI State Sport, perhaps that is the best season?

Aloha for now.