2017 World Bodysurfing Championships

August 20, 2017

Oceanside, CA. The two-day multi-heat competition kicked off on a Saturday and finished on a Sunday, as is the norm. Last year featured the High School Age (17 & under) Boys, so this year’ll feature the Girls. Emerging from the early morning Preliminary Semi-Final Heats were Camryn Delaney, Madeline Giek, Kayla Rhoads, Kirra Robusto, Fiona Schmidt and Lauren Schmidt.  Camryn and Fiona were the Heat Winners, but Lauren and Kayla were close behind. Interesting to note: sisters Fiona and Lauren were Top-six Finalists the previous year, so the stage was set!

“We’re psyched and ready to go!” exclaimed the sisters during the pre-event photo session — “And we saw that we were All-America on the KAI~Sports website — and want to earn it again.” [B~note: by virtue of making Finals, they will — congratulations!]

International Surf Festival — Pier-to-Pier Competition

August 6, 2017

Hermosa Beach, CA. It was another glorious day, this time at the South Side of the Hermosa Pier for the annual ISF — Rough Water Swimming Championship! Over one thousand competitors took their marks, hit the ocean running, and swam 2-miles from the Hermosa Beach Pier to the Manhattan Beach Pier (final tally: 1,119 finishers; 30 dnf). As always, exhilarating!



International Surf Festival — Bodysurfing Competition

August 5, 2017

Manhattan Beach, CA. It was a glorious day at the North Side of the Pier for the annual ISF — Bodysurfing! As is per schedule, the Legends started the first heat of Prelims at 0645 hours. (I was in it.) But I’m not writing about myself, I’m writing about the Boys and Girls Heats of age 18u, that is the High School age competitors.