CIF-SDS Division I Semi-Finals

Coggin Family Aquatic Center, La Jolla

A beautiful eventing at the Coggin Family Aquatic Center, La Jolla

Top-seeded Carlsbad anhilated Patrick Henry, 14-2, and second-seeded Torrey Pines did the same to sixth-seeded Westview, 15-6, in the nightcap. Both teams were counterattacking throughout the game, and that’s what I like to see!

Although the Carlsbad game started slow, the more solid team still had a 4-0 lead at halftime. “We were nervous at first, I don’t know why…” commented Coach Greg Horman shortly after the game. I think perhaps it was just defensive cautiousness. Lexi Domingo did have two great steals, one which led to a counterattack goal by senior Makena Magro.

Jaycee McNally, senior superlative for C-bad had five goals in the Semi (two in the tight first half). “She played super strong,” according to Horman.

Even Makena’s younger sister, sophomore Malia Magro, got into the act with steals, field blocks and assists to her sister, who scored a game-high six goals. Per the girls, post-game, “we’re proud of the team. We took over in the second half and ‘put them away’.” Good stage to set for the Final.

In the second game, senior goalkeeper Julia Hermann set the pace with 12 saves for Torrey Pines Falcons and a dominating 9-2 halftime lead, even though the Westview Wolverines gave it their all behind Alba Little-Sana.

Westview Girls WP 2013

A proud Westview squad after their D-I Semi-Final.

According to Coach Amy Jennings of Westview, “We had a bad exit last year in the Quarters. Although we were disappointed, we said, ‘not this time.’ So we’re pleased to make it this far.”

Quotes from Head Coach Heather Langridge of Torrey Pines, “Julia comes from a great athletic family. And she’s trained well. Much of that credit goes to our goalie Coach, Mike Rall.”

Highlights of the game included multiple scores byMichelle Martinelli (5), Crystal Lore (3), Haley King (2) and Kara Kezik (2). Kezik also had two beautiful assists. Even though being up at half, Coach Langridge said, “Don’t lay down. Stay focused.”

“We only lost 4-1 to Carlsbad early in the season. Although we were disappointed in the final last year (in fact have lost the last two to Vista HS and Carlsbad more recently), we said, ‘not this time.’ Now we’re in the CIF Final again and have a great opportunity.”

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